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The competition between online gambling casinos is getting fiercer by the day. The number of new online casinos is growing every month and they are all trying to get new customers to try their newest casino operation and games. This very real war to gain new customers shows up in the matching bonuses the casinos are offering on the initial deposits that players make when they open their new account. There are all types of bonuses on new accounts. One of the first that a player sees at some casinos is the bonus for using a specific deposit method over another. The next one that many players are attracted by is the matching bonus of the initial deposit amount. This can start at a modest 100% bonus and go up to a multiplier of five or six times the initial deposit. The more aggressive casinos then even offer further bonuses on subsequent deposits through the third or forth deposit. All of this extra money that goes into a players account can be used to play, but there are restrictions of when any of it can be withdrawn. Each casino has its own withdrawal rules that must be fulfilled or the money stays in the account.

Casinos have special deposit days and reload bonus days that offer any existing player a chance to get a percentage of their deposit matched. Many of the online casinos have what they call loyalty bonuses that are rewarded to active players who play a lot and have made numerous deposits. The more you payout and the more you play, the more bonuses you are likely to receive.

One of the easiest bonuses to earn is by referring a friend to play at a specific online casino. These bonuses are usually paid as soon as the friend opens a money account and rarely are restricted in any way. Some casinos even pay further bonuses on deposits the referral makes in the future after opening the account. So if you have a number of friends that like to gamble, you can obtain a good amount of free money by referring them and they then open an account.

Online bingo casinos payoff in free game cards and also add money to the account on initial deposits. Poker casinos offer money bonuses and free tournaments to play in for players who have acquired a number of loyalty points. There are always inducements for the player to make a deposit by a certain date. The reason for all of these bonuses is the casino owners know that accounts with money in them are more likely to gamble than zero balance accounts. Keep the account flush with money and the player will play more often.

Free entry into drawings and tournaments is another bonus that is offered at one time or another. What a specific casino offers in bonuses is up to them and their advertising budget. Casinos look at bonuses paid out as just a cost of doing business. If a 100% bonus attracts a player and the money they eventually deposit into their account is three or four times the bonus that is a very high percentage profit for the house.

The one caveat on these bonuses is make sure you read the withdrawal rules that are posted online on the casino site. This can usually be found in the cashier section. This is where some of the high bonus casinos get their money back as they have very high play though rules on any of the bonus money. Some even take the bonus money back to zero if the player removes the deposit from their account.

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