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Free Mobile Gambling

There is one major difference between free online gaming and free mobile gaming and that is the fact that the mobile gaming is done via a cell phone or a wireless device. Online casino play is done via a computer. The free part can be exactly the same and the casino may have both an online casino and a mobile casino so their free gaming may be run without any difference between them. The free mobile gambling can be started with a free hour of play or a free number of spins on a slot game. This free time or spins dose not cost the player any money, only the time to register an account. The casino hopes that the player will enjoy themselves and continue to play with real money. It must work, as this is a favorite advertising gambit with many of the newer casinos online and in the mobile casino competition. The cost is relatively low as the casinos usually have very high play through requirements if the player wins any substantial amount of money during the free time or spin.

The next area of free mobile gambling is that gambling that can be directly attributed to the bonus money that is matched with the first or subsequent deposits. This can be considered free gaming as the player did not have to put up any of the bonus money, however they did put up real money on the original deposit. This is not as clear-cut as the absolutely free money that the free hour of play or free spins represents.

The next area of free gambling at mobile casinos is the free games, points and cash that come to players through loyalty programs. This program allows players to play in cash games and tournaments for free. The loyalty programs are a reward for active play and action. Another source of free money is the referral program that most casinos offer to their players. If an existing player refers a player and the new player opens a cash account, the referrer gets a payoff of a small amount of money credited to their account. This money usually has no strings on it in any form. Birthday money and special day money is a fixed advertisement that the casino uses to get players to come back and play. All of these incentives are all about getting players to play several or more times from their first visit. The more opportunity a player puts their money at risk gives the casino another shot at winning a percentage of the stake. These casinos of any kind, mobile, online or live know that the name of the game is exposure to risk by the player.

Free gaming on a mobile casino can be a reward for playing, a reward for being active on a special day or an incentive for so many days of play. Each casino makes up its own rules.

No matter what free offers the casino uses as incentives to play, the player is wise to read the withdrawal rules for any of the free money winnings, rewards or bonuses. Many of these offers come with play through stings attached. Read the rules for yourself and do not assume anything. There are reasons that the casinos offer these deals and the incentives are real, but the motives may not be as upfront as the player thinks. Whatever the reason use a little common sense and understand what the requirements are if you win with the free money, time or spins. There are no free lunches even in the casino world except for comps at a live casino.


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