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Vegas Towers Casino Review

Vegas Towers Casino Logo Vegas Towers Casino is another member of the respected Fortune Lounge Group and this is a big plus for players that decide to try Vegas Towers Casino. A player can deposit between €20 and €50 and the casino will match it with free money with no restrictions, such as play through requirements. This is a big difference for this casino when compared with what other casino demand. The further differences are the membership advantages that Vegas Towers has for its players due to its affiliation with the Fortune Lounge Group.

Other bonuses are offered throughout the year to players that are already in the fold. The Member Club or what other casinos call the loyalty club is very different as the player gets the advantage of the Group offers and not just the casino's.

Vegas Towers Casino ReviewThe customer support and the methods for making deposits and withdrawals are excellent and rate in the top rank for how a casino answers these customer demands. Support can be handled via Live Chat, phone or e-mail and is available 24/7. This is an important factor for new potential players.

Methods for making deposits or withdrawals are the usual credit cards and e-wallet ways to transfer money from either party to the other. Both of these are critical to the way the players perceive the casino and slip-ups here are deadly in keeping the new players. A good operation will impress the players and a poor one will lose them in a New York second. Casinos know this and spend money on this part of their operation to keep it up to the player's standards.

Vegas Towers has over 150 games and many of them are progressive slots with very large jackpots. The slots are as popular on this online site as they are on others. The rest of the games are regular table games that have very good odds for the player. The big three for sure offer the lowest house edge and these are Blackjack, Baccarat and Craps. Players come to online casinos for many different reasons, games and just the gaming experience. The need to gamble seems to be a human foible and one that has been with us for centuries. Online casinos do what any good business does and that is find a need and fill it. Players are always looking for an edge against the house and the competition of casinos has made the players able to find small temporary edges. Free money and free play are temporary edges for the player. After they have been used they are not available to the player any more unless they switch to a different casino with a new offer. This is the gamble that casinos take when giving these promotions to new players. The obvious hope is that the player will like the new casino and stay and play for a few months or years. The on going bonuses are designed to give players a further incentive to stay and play.

As earlier stated there are serious advantages to playing on a casino that is part of the Fortune Lounge Group. They have a joint bonus arrangement between their casino partners and they offer players incentives to play on the member site.

A final thought on finding a casino to play on for any player. Read the incentive to play and make sure you understand the incentive. Then read the withdrawal rules about any bonus money that you are lucky enough to earn. Casinos that offer a huge bonus deal are also known to make it very difficult to make a withdrawal of this money. Read the rules before you jump at any offer.


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