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Free Gambling Money

Free gambling money comes in many forms online and it depends on the site as to what it is and how much a player will get to play. The list of free gambling money includes the following; matching bonus money on a deposit, try the site money, loyalty money, referral money, birthday money, special game day money and free game day for one game.

The matching bonus money can be only on the first deposit by the new player or the first three deposits or more. The bonus money can be a substantial amount percentage wise or just a limited amount. This depends on the casino and their deposit bonus rules. The bonus money on a deposit can be given on special deposit day of the month or on the week. These matching bonuses can be used to play and this makes the bonus money free gambling money.

Try the site money is free in that all a player needs to do is sign up and play. The site will give a small amount to start the way and the player can play it off or add to it. The money can be played in whatever way the casino will allow the player to gamble with it. This can be only in slots, only in table games or only in poker. The house sets the rules and the new player gets to play for free as long as the rules are followed. If the player wins with this money, the withdrawal rules will apply for taking the money out of the account.

Loyalty money is just money that is awarded to active players by the casino. This can be in cash or points and the cash or points can be used in specified ways according the casino's rules. This amounts to free gambling money, but the loyalty points or cash was earned by using your real money in play.

Referral money is awarded to any player that refers a friend to the site and the referred person does open an account. The existing player can get a cash award for the referral and may also get a percentage of any future deposits the new player makes into the new account. This is usually the easiest gambling money that a player can come up with.

Every player has a birthday whether they want one or not. Many casinos like to celebrate a customer's birthday and the way they celebrate is to give the player free games or free credits to play however they like. This is free gambling money to every customer that is registered on the site and playing actively through his or her birthday month.

Some casinos offer special games or special game days that fall on the same day or time each month. These games are free to all players and have decent prizes on some sites. Any time solid prize money is offered in a tournament and the players can go for it for free, the number of players will be fairly large. Free chances to make money have a special attraction to players who have been risking their own money to make money. Casinos know this and use it to attract players, keep players coming back and keep them active when they are online.

New casinos are using the free hour of play and the free spins deal to get new players online. A new player that likes the site and stays for a number of days is worth so much a day on average to the casino. This makes it more than worth the cost to a casino to attract new players using this give away incentive.


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