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Free Online Poker

Some online poker casinos are offering free tournaments to attract new players to play in a new player tournament. Casino sites like Pure Play are giving free games with small prizes and tournaments and games that players who pay a monthly stipend can play in without risking any further money. With the matching money some of these sites are offering, the players can play for a while on just the matching credits.

Loyalty points can be used to play in games and tournaments and on some online casino sites; they can be converted into cash. Referral awards can usually be used immediately as they are credited as soon as the referral opens a money account. In fact, on some sites the referrer gets an ongoing percentage of every deposit the referred player makes to the casino. This money can be used any way the player decides to use it.

Most poker sites have what are called freeroll tournaments that are absolutely free and in some cases offer very good prize money. These free tournaments are offered on a routine basis and also on special dates for the site. Few sites offer free ring games that pay any real money. On the other hand, many sites offer play money games that have no real money risk for the players. These play money games are open to any player who registers with the poker site. There are various games that are available for play money players.

Players who are very active real money players will earn loyalty points that can be used to play in special games and tournaments. These are in effect free games even though they were earned in real money games. Rewards for active play is part of keeping online players happy with the casino they play at.

The other way that players can play poker for free is play money and that is just what it says it is. There is no risk and there is no reward except satisfaction of winning a hand or playing a hand in a masterful way. One advantage of play money games is it allows players to learn how to play for free. Playing without any money risk is a good way to learn a game and practice the play of the game.

Online poker sites that charge a monthly membership fee and no fees for their money tournaments and ring games are now showing up online. These free money poker games offered on membership sites are gaining in popularity and the prize money is also growing, as more players become members. This is a twist on free money poker. The membership fee is the only risk that a player has in order to play. Many players try this for a while and either like it or opt out of the membership. The fee is month to month for most players, however players that like the idea can save a little money by paying in advance for a quarter or a year.

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for and free money poker is not every poker player's cup of tea. However by limiting the money risk the poker player can control their losses to the nickel on membership sites. These sites offer all of the excitement of a money site without the potential cost.

Poker has a great popularity worldwide and these free money games are just another way to attract players to a given online site. Freerolls are the most common free money poker games that are offered online to the players.


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