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Tasty Bingo Review - Sumptuous Gourmet Bingo

People become members of online bingo sites for various reasons. Some for the camaraderie and friendships that develop between members, some for the bonuses and prizes and yet others for the excitement and thrill of the chase. All share one common passion though, and that is bingo. And if you're one of those folks that loves the game then Tastybingo is the one membership card you should have (or really need for that matter).

Tasty Bingo offers some of the best Bingo action available both in terms of the games themselves and the related promotions and specials. has shown committed effort in supplying exactly what the community was looking for in online bingo and offers just the right mix of feature and simplicity in their bingo games.

Tasty Bingo has made the decision to limit their bingo stable to the two most popular bingo variants namely 75 and 90 ball games. This is a canny call as it addresses the preferences of the community allows the sites attention to be focused in a relevant area.

The 75 ball game is the quicker, and some say more challenging, of the two types and is traditionally thought of as the US version of the game. Tasty's 75 ball game is true to form and players need to complete the pattern displayed at the top of the page first to win. Tasty's 75 ball bingo also pays those with 1 to go which makes the action even more exciting. The 75 ball games feature the Banana Split progressive which requires players to complete a banana split pattern to win.

The ever popular 90 ball game is the traditional UK favourite and although somewhat more sedate is equally exciting and has a huge following. This game features three winners instead of the one in 75 ball bingo with the first prize going to the first person who gets a full house, second prize to the first player with 2 lines and third prize goes to the player to fill one line first. This game also has a progressive jackpot known as the Choc Sundae game which pays the top award for the player that gets a full house in 39 calls or less.

Tasty Bingo also offers several free bingo games based on these two variants and are proving to be hugely popular. These games are played in the Truffle Tray room which is also the venue for loyalty point play where guests can win a share of £1,500 in the loyalty program free play games.

Bingo continues to win new converts every day across the globe and both land based and online bingo's meteoric popularity growth shows no sign of loosing any momentum soon. Against this backdrop prime online bingo sites such as tasty bingo continue to serve up gourmet bingo action to an ever swelling number of dedicated fans. Makes you wonder why you're reading this and not playing at Tasty Bingo doesn't it!


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