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Is online poker fixed?

Is online poker fixed?Many people all over the internet are asking the same question: “is online poker fixed? Can you really beat the house and get that big jackpot?” This should come as no surprise to anyone that’s even remotely familiar with the online poker community – that is, online poker blogs, forums and discussion boards. So many new players jump into the game without really thinking, or for that matter knowing all the ins and outs of the game, and it’s no wander that they suck out, place Read more »

Poker Tips

Poker TipsTip #1 Add a fish to your Buddy poker list. This trick is very popular and used by a good many people playing online poker. By checking your list often, you can see when some of them are logging to play the game. You won’t be able to see exactly where they are seated (at what table), you can still find them if you manually search the tables for them. This might take a while, as there could be a number of tables, but in the end it will be well worth it. This trick is best used if you want to add maniacs to your buddy poker list. These guys can make a table much more suitable to your style of play. If you have a poker maniac at the table, there could be some very serious pots there. Read more »

Professional casino advice and tips

Before you play online poker put this in your mind, I am playing online poker as hobby because people may get addicted to online poker sites and may lose allot of money because of this reason.

1. 24kt Gold Casino

2. Wass Online Read more »

Playing In Heads Up Pots Versus Multi-Way Pots

Not adjusting to the player. An old lady who hasn’t played a hand in two hours raises. That means something much different than some drunk guy who has raised the past five hands in a row.

You need to pay attention to how often players raise and what they raise with when deciding how to play against them. Read more »

Heads Up Poker Videos

I decided to play a few poker games at Bodog.  I’m conducting an experiment.  I’ll start off with a $5 buy-in to a heads up hold em game.  I’m recording video of all the games, along with my narrative.  I’m going to try hard to build that $5 as high as I can before losing a game.  We’ll see how far I can go.

I should point out that this is not a good way Read more »


Every one of slots-machines games have the same idea: Spin the reels (The rotating thin barrels on which the pictures appear) and after they come to rest, if icons align to form a winning arrangement – a big payout is given you, the gambler. (The symbols are drawings or otherwise graphic images that line up on the pay-line to score a win). Read more »

Virgin Casino launches new ‘golden’ Leprechaun slot

Virgin Casino has launched a new promotion focusing on the new Leprechaun’s Luck online slot, in which players get two chances to win big. There is total prize pool of £20,000, the slot will begin with a starting total of £5000 and players get the chance to qualify for up to £100 bonuses every day by betting between £175 and £3500. Read more »

New 3D Games at PKR Poker

New 3D Games at PKR PokerMany gamers would like to try out several titles when they join an online casino as the offer of games available is overwhelming. Although Texas Hold’em is still the biggest game at PKR Poker, they have introduced new 3D games, among them online roulette.
PKR Poker, based in Alderney UK, has offered 3D Read more »

New online casino promises “Vegas style” roulette, baccarat and more

New online casino promises “Vegas style” roulette, baccarat and moreWhile there’s no denying that the immense popularity of online casinos shows the appeal of While there’s no denying that the immense popularity of online casinos shows the appeal of internet gaming, some players still prefer the look and feel of live-action casinos. Yet players need not head all the way to Las Vegas to play some live-action roulette, as a new online casino plans on offering the real Vegas experience in the comfort of your own home. Read more »

Online Gambling offers considerable benefits for New Jersey

Online Gambling offers considerable benefits for New JerseyThe study predicts long-term jobs and large sums of tax revenues in the city of New Jersey if the online casino and poker business gets legalized. The city is very close to accepting the internet gambling bill as an intrastate internet gambling bill recently passed both of New Jersey’s legislative house, only the Governor is need for the bill to go into effect. Read more »


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