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No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit BonusesThis type of bonus is almost like the promotion bonus. No-deposit bonuses also enable the new customer play casino games for free. In fact, there is more benefit associated with this type of casino bonus. The online casino deposits some money in the online account of players. And, the money can be used by the players to take part Read more »

Why Play Casino Games Online?

Why Play Casino Games Online?Playing games online is a fun way to spend an evening at home. For some, the idea of playing casino games for cash prizes is a little scary. Sites such as Casino Wonga offer free slot machines, roulette, poker, blackjack and slot machines for cash prizes. While it may feel a little scary playing games for cash online, the sites offer Read more »

Inside bets

Inside betsThis is betting that a single particular figure at the   roulette  wheel would occur. This bet is placed by means of placing a chip at the number on which you want to bet. When this digit appears, the benefit is 35-1. Read more »

Online Casinos

Online CasinosPlaying online is more comfortable. You just stay at home and sit in front of your computer. You do not need to dress to kill and follow any dress code which you usually do when walking into a real casino. You just play as much s you want and will all you want. Do not worry, online casinos are safe and do not cheat on its clients. You just have to choose which you think is the best casino out there. Read more »

Bonus chasing

BONUS CHASINGIf you are like me, and a lot of other poker players out there, you do not feel like having to put up all the money needed to play at these limits online and would rather have as little at risk as possible. Using this guide we can help you turn a minimum of $100 into $2000+. Please note that I did say a minimum of $100 as anything less then that could be suicide. It is suggested that you start with at least $200.00 to chase these bonuses. Read more »

Hansen Biography

Hansen BiographyGus loves the challenge of the game and this challenge is what has drawn him to play cash games with some of the best players in the world, both live and online.  Hansen has been out to the big game at the Bellagio many times and it’s no secret he has not fared that well, with many big losses to date.  He also plays at the biggest stakes available online and some say he is the reason games still run at those stakes.  Many other high stakes players think Gus is a fish, but his online cash game record for this year is quite impressive. Read more »

Play craps and win by making proper strategies for the game

kak_igrat_v_poker_s_fishkamiRegular visitors of casino know about the different kinds of games that are played. Nowadays online casinos have gained immense popularity with gamblers as they provide the flexibility of playing from anywhere at any point of time. Among the different kinds of casino games that are played at virtual as well as real casinos, craps are a popular kind. It is a kind of dice game that is played with a single dice or double dices. This kind of casino game does not require any large or elaborate settings and therefore can be played at any place quite comfortably.

Read more »

Video Poker

Video pokerIf you are able to play a proper game with good skills and with a liberal table then you might have an extra edge.

But here again as all the poker games are based on skills online video poker is no exception. First you have to know the rules well and then you got to learn the skills to be the master of the game. Read more »

Texas Holdem Poker odds

Texas Holdem Poker oddsIn recent years a considerable increase in a tool called Texas Holdem odds is seen on the internet. This tool is mainly designed to help payers while they play games. Online gaming sites are nowadays offering Texas holdem poker game along with other popular games. This game is gaining its popularity with time and thus work on improving this game is continuously going on. Read more »

The Online Casino Guide

This section of the online gambling casino guide is still in the construction phase but here we will be providing you with information on the best online casinos on the internet and also show you which ones you should avoid at all cost, because there are a lot of sharks out there ripping off online gamblers by the hundreds everyday. Read more »


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