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Patience at the Poker Table

Whether you’re playing online, at a home game or at the local casino’s poker room, one of the top traits of winning poker players is patience. This patience is fueled by a steely resolve to make the very best decisions and maximize profits. Oddly enough, our patience can be tested at both extremes. When we have a big stack (lot of chips) we tend to start playing looser, taking too many risks and taking on the role of table Read more »

PAYPAL Casinos

PayPal is online means of transacting money which is slowly making entry into the gambling industry. This medium of money transfer has reach up to 50 countries and is owned by e-bay. PayPal functions as an intermediate between people and banks which helps users to spend money online. The PayPal is a simple and secure online payment system. Read more »

Absolute Slots: High-Rollers

In conjunction with the comp system, there are various achievable levels within the VIP Club. The possible levels of attainment are in direct proportion to a player’s time and wagering at the casino. For USA players and others, the further one advances, the more lucrative the comp points they are awarded by Absolute Slots. Read more »

Compassion at the Poker Table

Throughout this hand I was simply playing to extract the maximum profit. I wasn’t making eye contact with the other players. If I had, I might have been tempted to play this hand a little differently. The joy I experienced when the dealer started shoving the pot in my direction quickly changed when I looked over at my opponent. Read more »


When playing Texas Hold’em your odds and your ability to know what they are varies by a few factors. The biggest one of these, believe it or not, is how many players there are. The more players, the more likely it is that someone will have a good hand. If there are 6 players, you might want to think about folding if you can’t see the flop for little money. Read more »

Badugi Game Play Structure

Badugi is a poker game for 2 to 8 players. Because there are three draw phases, having 9 players at the table would frequently exhaust the entire deck. Badugi is most often played in a Fixed Limit betting structure, with Blind Bets placed before the deal.

The stakes of the game determine the Fixed Limit bets and Blind amounts throughout a hand. Read more »

How to Play Free Online Poker at Full Tilt

Full Tilt Poker is one of the best known and most successful online poker sites. Much of their success is attributable to the great graphics which make it fun to play and interact with others.  They have a wide selection of games including No Limit, Pot Limit, and Fixed Limit Hold ‘em as well as Omaha, Stud, and Razz. There are lots of tournaments, sit-n-go tourneys, heads up games and cash games.

The games run around the clock so there’s a great selection all the time. Another thing that makes Full Tilt so popular i Read more »

Natural Blackjack

The total 21 in the first two cards (a ten-valued card and the Ace) is called a Blackjack, also a Natural.This hand is the best combination and it pays off 3 to 2 unless the dealer hand combination is also a Natural, that way two hands Tie (the wagers are returned in the full amount). Read more »


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